Dr. Abdullah Al Judai’ is one of the leading scholars of our time and a key reference-point for the Scholars in the West and Capturebeyond. He studied traditionally and received Ijaza from the leading scholars of Iraq. He is one of the founding members of the European Council for Fatwa and Research, an organisation bringing all the leading scholars in Europe working to unify the jurisprudence views between them in regards with the main fiqh (Islamic Law) issues that relate to the Muslim minorities living in the West. He too offers fatwa services to members of the Leeds community, fiqh courses and a weekly Qu’ran Tafseer (exegesis) class in LGM that is delivered in Arabic. The weekly Qu’ran class has been delivered for the past 20 years. Shaykh Abdullah Al Judai’ is well published, with tens of books, research papers and valuable publications which are well known worldwide.

Ph D in Islamic Economy.

-Master in Islamic studies.( specialisation: Hadith)

-Diploma in Islamic Sharia.


1- Management of (Al-Judai for research and consultancy) Leeds. With the following tasks:

  • consulting companies and the Islamic financial transactions field.
  • Fatwa  and providing solutions  to the social problems .
  • Carry out arbitration between the parties in commercial and personal status issues.
  • Preparation and dissemination of researches and studies in the different sciences and cases.
  • Preparation of methodsand establishments of intensive  courses in Islamic sciences, Arabic language grammar, Quranic  sciences, explanation, jurisprudence origins and other selected topics about purposes ,financial transactions and marital relations.

2- Vice President of European Council for Fatwa and Researches.

3- Member of the International Union of Muslims Scholars.

4- Member of  the scientific council of the European Institute of Human  Sciences in  France, Member  of the Board Trustees  of the European of the Human Sciences Institute in Britain.

5-Author and investigator of number  of researches  and studies in Islamic Sciences, reaches  sixty ones most of them published.

The most prominent ones:

  1. Basic introductions in Quran sciences.
  2. The edition of the Hadith sciences.
  3. Facilitating the jurisprudence sciences.
  4. Music and singing in the balance of Islam.
  5. One of the couple converting to Islam and its impact on  the   marriage contract.
  6. The division of the globe on the Islam  jurisprudence ant its affect on reality.
  7. Bank interest and its relation to usury,and the Islamic banking applications.
  8. The judgement of the sexes mixing and the woman going out to work the legitimate jobs.